30 Warren is a boutique-scale, ground-up new development condominium transforming an entire block-front in Tribeca. Designed by a trio of architects, François Leininger in New York, and Line Fontana and David Fagart in Paris, 30 Warren houses 23 design-forward residences with a clean and refreshing Tribeca aesthetic and distinctly modern layouts.

The building boasts a thoughtfully crafted façade featuring numerous set backs and oversized windows that offer each residence incredible light, air, and views

A carefully designed pattern of windows ensures ample light in every room.


A custom-crafted, ribbed Taktl concrete façade characterizes 30 Warren’s refined exterior. Tapering through a series of elegant setbacks, the rigid yet thin concrete panels create a veil which encapsulate the building while creating a striking architectural addition to Tribeca


30 Warren residences feature artisanal wood work by Hudson LaGrange, hand built and finished in New York’s Hudson Valley. Committed to ensuring the highest quality millwork, Hudson LaGrange uses only the finest locally sourced materials, such as highest grade white oak and black walnut. All materials are locally sourced, eco-friendly, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.


A private entrance off charming Warren Street welcomes residents home to a 24-7 attended lobby with rich embellishments, intricately detailed with stone slab flooring, hand-finished oak paneling, ductal wall cladding, custom champagne and black anodized metal panels, and custom brass light fixtures.

The amenity suite at 30 Warren caters to the essentials of daily life, including: a fitness and wellness studio, children’s playroom, private storage, cold storage and bicycle storage.

Fitness and Wellness Studio


With the evolving needs of daily life in mind, the trio of architects created a fitness studio with adjacent flex space that seamlessly pivots from children’s playroom to private exercise space.

L-R: François Leininger, Line Fontana, and David Fagart

The Architects

30 Warren and its 23 custom residences have been designed by a trio of architects, Francois Leininger in New York, and Line Fontana and David Fagart in Paris.

Landmark Views

The magical skyline captured by the principle of framing large views.


The generously proportioned windows reveal views of surrounding landmarks and charming Tribeca streetscapes.

Expansive Tribeca Views From Atop 30 Warren


Expansive views of Tribeca and the downtown skyline from the penthouses of 30 Warren.